Web*Link implements DE file processing on the Web utilising a browser interface. It is a set of tools that facilitate the transfer and processing of APCA files from businesses to banks. Web*Link is fully integrated with Bank*Console, allowing APCA files to be processed directly by Bank*Console.

Specifications / Features

System Diagram


Web*Link interacts directly with the web server via a COM interface. Web*Link communicates with the Bank*Link database for reference and validation information. ODBC drivers are used to communicate to the Bank*Link database.

Initially, the incoming information is validated, ensuring its validity based upon APCA file type validation criteria. Once validated it is loaded into the Bank*Link processing system via a file loading system.

This system design is a recommended processing process. Calling different functions associated with the Web*Link suite of tools can vary the implementation.


Web*Link is targeted to work with the banks already existing online Web applications and utilizes the security infrastructure of the online system. Although Web*Link does not require a security implementation, it is strongly recommended that the product work within a Secure Web Site environment that has SSL implemented.

Security associated with each of the COM objects to the main database will be done via user name & password connection into the database. The user name and password will be stored on the IIS machine in an encrypted file (encrypted with DES3). As all connections from the COM objects will utilise the same user and password information, appropriate security procedures can be put in place at the point of implementation to change the user name & password information regularly to improve security.

Web*Link Environment

Web*Link Tutorial