Secure eSolutions has developed a sophisticated suite of products and services for the secure transmission and processing of sensitive financial and corporate information between businesses and their clients.

The *Link suite of products, which are Australian developed, facilitate the secure movement and processing of transaction files from businesses to banks.

When the SeS *Link products are used in conjunction with products such as ActivCard’s smartcards, then banks and businesses can be confident of conducting B2B e-commerce in a secure and trusted environment.

The *Link suite of products:


Bank*Console is a comprehensive electronic payments processing and clearing application.
Quick*Link is a Windows based application that allows users to easily enter payment instructions into Bank*Console.
Web*Link implements Direct Entry file processing on the Internet, utilising a Web browser interface.
Secure*Link®  is an information gateway that provides a trusted, secure link between business partners for the exchange of sensitive, confidential information then allows the automatic entry of that file into processing systems.
Auto*Link is an automated windows service that facilitates the entry of files throughout a local area network into customer specified processing systems.
ERP*Link is a secure communications module utilising PKI to communicate payment information from banks’corporate clients who have an in-house ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or equivalent system, to their bank via the Internet connection.

Bank*Console file processing modules allow the *Link line of products to easily process and use different file formats, both industry standard, as well as company specific.