Our Mission

Our Vision

“To be the leading provider of trusted transaction solutions”

Our Profile

Secure eSolutions (“SeS”) provides commerce solutions demanded by financial organisations for the secure exchange and distribution of sensitive corporate information. SeS has positioned itself to provide a trusted and secure e-commerce infrastructure based upon international security standards and inter-working for its customers.

Initially as a subsidiary of Tech Pacific and since April 2000 as a separate company, Secure eSolutions has been delivering Electronic Payments processing solutions to Australian and European financial industries since the mid eighties.

In addition, Secure eSolutions provides a range of services from strategic consulting in information and knowledge management through to systems integration, project management and secure solution provision.

Traditionally SeS' products and services have been most keenly adopted by the banking community. Recently, SeS has become aware of the need for its products throughout the business community with the universal adoption of e-commerce.