Secure eSolutions (“SeS”) is the most experienced provider of payments solutions to the Australian banking industry.  SeS has an on-line payments system for direct credit and direct debit based upon the CS2 clearing standard that has evolved over many years. Today, SeS provides a definitive suite of solutions satisfying all the requirements of a sophisticated Business-to-Bank payments environment.

In 2011, SeS has implemented in conjunction with it's clients the Low Value Settlement Service (LVSS) specified by the Reserve Bank to enable more frequent settlements of low value clearing obligations. In 2014, SeS implemented the APCA ISO 20022 payments schema in Bank*Link in anticipation of further changes to be made to payment processes as APCA and The Reserve Bank continue to implement changes in accordance with the Reserve's Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System announced in 2012.

SeS meets or exceeds all of the existing and emerging commercial standards for security and non-repudiation through the implementation of PKI based upon 2048 bit RSA and X.509 certification. The community of businesses taking advantage of SeS’s “Trusted Payments Architecture (TPA)” is growing rapidly. There are more than 20,000 businesses on-line to their banks by 2013 utilising SeS' TPA for their medium to high value bank transactions in Australia.

SES solutions can produce the File Settlement Instructions (FSIs) for the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) as mandated by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

SES also provides consulting and technical services to deliver a complete and secure architecture around applications that includes Smartcard/Biometric security and PKI Certification Authority services to deliver world-class payment and clearing solutions